How schools impact home values

17 Oct

Schools in St. John’s are back in full swing for the year! Hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner. While the start of a new school year affects the children, it certainly affects parents of school-age children as well.  But you might be surprised to learn that all homeowners are significantly impacted by the schools around them. Let me explain.

The average homebuyer considers a number of factors when selecting a home. They often care about the home’s appearance, size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities. But did you know that potential buyers pay special attention to the local school district of a home? 

While we’ve always known that good schools attract families with school-age children, recent statistics are now backing up this belief with concrete numbers and surprising trends.

Housing costs tend to be higher in areas where high-scoring schools are located. Recent studies found that homes near high-performing schools were sold well above the average than homes near other schools. That could mean a big difference in your pocket!

From my vast experience with clients, I’ve learned that potential buyers start researching school districts and homes for sale MANY months in advance. In fact, if someone if moving to St. John’s, the most common question I get asked is “What are some good schools in the St. John’s area?” Because this is a top ten motivating factor for buyers, I can provide insight to help you make the best investment possible no matter where you are in the buying process.

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