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Our St. John's Real Estate Blog is a way for us to connect with you and let you keep up to date with the latest real estate market trends , MLS market statistics, real estate articles, latest sub divisions and mortgage information. We'll also give you practical home maintenance tips you can use immediately to positively impact your home. You'll want to stop by often as we update the blog frequently.

St. John's Real Estate Stats

The St. John’s Real Estate Market for the month of May showed little change from the previous month with regards to price changes.  We are seeing fair number of price reductions on properties. (a good thing)  Listings were down slightly this month so this could quite possibly be a little shift in the market.  With all the inventory out there we really need some of it to “dry up”.  There are lots of buyers looking and inquiring but many are sitting on the fence. 


Total # of MLS Listings [May]  = 1220

Total # of Sales [May] = 347 
Number of  Active Listings for Sale in Newfoundland = 5044

Numbers are based on both residential and commercial listings/sales


Here is a break down by area for May:

St. John’s Real Estate: Listings = 250  Sales = 84
Sales/Listings Ratio = 34%

Average sale price for a home in St. John’s: $338,480 for the month of May and the 12 month average $338,877

Mount Pearl Real Estate: Listings = 44 Sales = 20
Sales/Listings Ratio = 45%
Average Sale Price (12 month average): $289,196

Paradise Real Estate: Listings = 59 Sales = 30
Sales/Listings Ratio = 51%
Average Sale Price (12 month average): $354,100

East Extern Real Estate: Listings = 60 Sales = 22
Sales/Listings Ratio = 37%
Average Sale Price (12 month average): $370,870

Conception Bay South Real Estate: Listings = 67 Sales = 30 Sales/Listings Ratio = 45%
Average Sale Price (12 month average): $305,874

St. John's Housing Report

For Newfoundland and Labrador, demand for housing will remain soft over the forecast period as a result of recent declines in net migration coupled with a weaker outlook for employment.As income growth continues to remain below the pace of growth in house prices, first-time homebuyer activity is also expected to weaken, resulting in the single- detached housing market declining to 2,100 single starts in 2014 and 2015.

Multi-unit construction is expected to rise moderately in 2014 after declining significantly in 2013.The forecast is for a small rise to 650 units in 2014 followed by a moderate decline to 600 units in 2015.The current interest in new multi-unit construction is likely to grow if recent projects are able to leave few newly completed and unoccupied units. Semi-detached and row starts activity is not expected to rise significantly over the forecast due to a pullback in demand by first-time buyers.

Although wage growth remains positive in NL, there are expectations for a decline in sales as a result of the weakening outlook for employment. MLS® sales will moderate over the forecast period to 4,050 in 2014 and 4,000 in 2015.

Prices are expected to rise close to the expected rate of inflation as demand continues to soften and inventory levels remain elevated. Average MLS® house prices are expected to rise to $290,000 in 2014 and $295,000 in 2015.